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ABOUT US: Experience the SB SOLUTIONS difference


The SB SOLUTIONS difference starts at the top and varies in significant ways from other search firms’ methods, strategies and tactics. Since 1985 Steven Beck’s vision was to be a search resource of the highest ethics and Best Practices. After developing his client base, Steve recruited Gary Eastwood in October, 1985 to help him to realize his vision.


First, we limit the number of major clients we represent in any Industry, to ensure your firm that we have the full field of competitors to draw from, should you require Industry-specific knowledge at the upper Executive levels.


We also draw up a specific search blueprint for every search, for every client. While the buffet table of search methods are similar, SB SOLUTIONS takes the time to analyze each assignment to determine whether a direct recruit approach is warranted; if the position should be advertised; whether or not to retain researchers for name gathering purposes; typically, a partner is Primary with another secondary. No handing the position off to a newer Associate with less direct rolodex and experience at direct recruiting, which is an art AND a science. Typically, we only get one opportunity to recruit someone, and that first call has to generate interest from the first 20 seconds.


Another difference is how much information is supplied to the client PRIOR to an interview or phone screen being set. In addition to the identification of candidates, a questionnaire, at least one interview, usually more and a list of compelling reasons we recommend setting an interview accompany each resume. Decisions are better, based on better information. We consider ourselves an information resource, not simply a body shop. Candidates are also briefed fully and are strongly urged to ‘do their homework’ on our client companies, thereby creating a great atmosphere for fruitful meetings / interviews.


SB SOLUTIONS has been a member in good standing of NPA Worldwide, the highest quality International Search Network for added, specialized recruitment bandwidth and expertise. Yet another SB SOLUTIONS difference. With over 300 International partners, our capabilities are vast, but the client still deals with primarily one point of contact, ensuring a seamless interface with the client. Gary Eastwood has served as a Vice President / Board Member for 4 years and the Chairman of Sales/Net for over 12 years, yielding priceless relationships with the best recruiters in the Industry.


The SB SOLUTIONS method is a living document, beginning with an individual search blueprint. Once the blueprint is determined, it’s various components are launched. Normally, we will send 1-3 ‘Beta Test’ resumes of live candidates for a candid review / discussion with the hiring manager. This ensures we are on the same page as our client.


Next, as we whittle our long list to a short list, we keep the candidates of the most interest interested in our client, managing their expectations and establishing a tight personal / professional bond with them, to ferret out any hidden concerns or to deal with a candidate who’s very active in his / her search.


We believe the identification phase of a search is just the beginning. Setting and managing the candidates’ expectations; leading them to acceptance; resolving relocation / cost of living differentials; combating concerns and gathering additional information to ease the candidate’s decision making process; negotiation of compensation are all vital to the successful outcome of an Executive Search.


In terms of expertise in a particular type of role or Industry specialization, we become specialists in our client’s business. We employ the expertise necessary to ensure Quality, whether it’s tapping a specialist through the NPA system or hiring specialist researchers to assist in targeting just the right short list of candidates to drive their business.


In short, SB SOLUTIONS is an apt name. We help our clients by introducing them to the people they’ll hire!