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    Because, your people ARE your company! With financial and economic conditions in a critical place, common sense would dictate that companies would start laying off, across the board—and certainly thousands of employees HAVE been. But, as a company, it’s wise to view your human capital as an invaluable asset, not as an operating expense.


    Enter SB SOLUTIONS. For over 25 years, we've provided a Best Practices partnering solution for top talent acquisition. Click on SBS by Practice for a listing of our various practices by discipline or vertical.


    * Formerly Beck/Eastwood Recruitment Solutions

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    Experience the SB SOLUTIONS difference


    The SB SOLUTIONS difference starts at the top and varies in significant ways from other search firms’ methods, strategies and tactics. Since 1985 Steven Beck’s vision was to be a search resource of the highest ethics and Best Practices. After developing his client base, Steve recruited Gary Eastwood in October, 1985 to help him to realize his vision.


    First, we limit the number of major clients we represent in any Industry, to ensure your firm that we have the full field of competitors to draw from, should you require Industry-specific knowledge at the upper Executive levels. ::more::

Executive Search Solutions


The best relationships we’ve developed and maintained over the past 25 years have been through selecting clients with legitimate talent acquisition / succession planning or unexpected needs, at the GM  VP. Director, CEO, COO levels.  Can we provide talent acquisition solutions at less senior levels?  In most cases, SB SOLUTIONS can develop search blueprints to fill mid management and analytical positions. We can develop Sales Management and Territorial Management search, should the need be for enough positions per year to warrant such blueprint.


Our success is in partnering with companies who truly need ‘go to’ guys with absolute accountability from one of two partners.  We will learn your business and your culture.


We’ll find you the people you’ll hire.  We won’t represent any competitors, leaving everyone as a target, should that be your strategy.


With over 25 years of best practices and a wealth of innovative solutions for the next decade, call us to discuss a dynamic talent acquisition partnership and strategy that you can rely on for years to come!  Call SB SOLUTIONS today.


  • Introducing the SB Solutions Co-Venture Recruitment Program:

    We asked our clients what would be the ideal changes they would like to see in their relationship with their staffing resources and the answers were simple:  A higher level of service and a lower aggregate cost-per-hire when utilizing search firms and staffing services.  We listened and are proud to announce our Co-Venture Program!


    Traditionally, there were two main types of professional search:  Contingency and Retained search.  SB SOLUTIONS has developed a program that blends the best portions of each to provide our clients with a higher level of commitment with an opportunity to raise the level of service at a reduction of their search fees.


    Contingency search is the traditional method of most employment agencies and many search firms.  In this method the search firm assumes all risk in doing a search, only receiving a fee if their referred candidate is hired.  The benefit to client companies is the ability to utilize multiple resources, including competing search firms to accomplish their goal.  The downside of this method is the cost:  Contingency search is the most expensive aggregate fee payout a company can utilize.


    The reason?  Clients who pay contingency fees (30% of starting salary) end up paying the freight for the search firm's unsuccessful searches as well as for their successful search.  Also, contingency firms will happily take as many contingency searches as companies are willing to provide, but internally, they prioritize their efforts on the easiest to fill, providing a limited commitment to the success of any one search.The Co-Venture Program functions as follows:  75% of fees earned by SBS on a Co-venture basis are still contingent upon us identifying the person you hire.  The difference is this:  In return for sharing our risk (we require a non-refundable engagement fee equal to 25% of the estimated fee) we reduce our total fee to 25% of the starting salary.  On a position carrying a base salary of $100k, your savings are $5,000!  But, cost savings don't tell the whole story.  Our Co-Venture clients are placed ahead of all contingency searches, guaranteeing a much higher level of attention to your specific search.  While industry averages state that contingency firms are successful on only 30% of their searches, SBS has been 94% successful in over 10 years of doing Co-Venture search.


    By giving SBS a higher level of commitment to provide a proper search, we respond by giving you the highest level of search available at cost savings in the thousands. Is Co-Venture right for your company?  Speak to a Partner from SBS to determine which method suits your search best.

  • SBS & NPA - Your Gateway to Global Recruitment Solutions

    In a rapidly advancing Global market, many companies experience the need to reach out for strategic hires outside the contiguous US. Enter NPA Worldwide.


    Since 1988 SB SOLUTIONS has been active in the most respected network of affiliated search firms in the world, National Personnel Associates (NPA).


    NPA is a strategic partnership of over 450 of the top search firms in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Europe, Australia and Asia with specialist firms and over 1000 recruiters in disciplines, ranging from executive to country managers, manufacturing, finance, engineering, data processing and software engineering and sales / marketing / business development.


    The benefit to you is, that by utilizing SBS, you have the equivalent market reach and pooled resources of over 1000 recruiters supplying information to assist you in finding exactly the right talent and for individuals to be exposed to the maximum number of career opportunities relative to their skills and experience. And all of these capabilities with a sole point of contact.


    This partnership ensures you of SBS's ability to produce candidates over a global geographic landscape and to provide opportunities for people on both a direct and indirect basis, with the convenience of dealing with one point-of-contact.