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    Because, your people ARE your company! With financial and economic conditions in a critical place, common sense would dictate that companies would start laying off, across the board—and certainly thousands of employees HAVE been. But, as a company, it’s wise to view your human capital as an invaluable asset, not as an operating expense.


    Enter SB SOLUTIONS. For over 25 years, we've provided a Best Practices partnering solution for top talent acquisition. Click on SBS by Practice for a listing of our various practices by discipline or vertical.


    * Formerly Beck/Eastwood Recruitment Solutions

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    The SB SOLUTIONS difference starts at the top and varies in significant ways from other search firms’ methods, strategies and tactics. Since 1985 Steven Beck’s vision was to be a search resource of the highest ethics and Best Practices. After developing his client base, Steve recruited Gary Eastwood in October, 1985 to help him to realize his vision.


    First, we limit the number of major clients we represent in any Industry, to ensure your firm that we have the full field of competitors to draw from, should you require Industry-specific knowledge at the upper Executive levels. ::more::

HR David G. – VP Human Resources, $1.6B International Building Materials Conglomerate I began my relationship with SB SOLUTIONS in 1990 when I was the Employment Manager for General Electric Information Services, one of the twelve business units of GE. We had the awesome challenge of reinventing our worldwide sales force (over 200 positions). We needed an executive talent acquisition firm that understood our business, had access to the appropriate labor pool and could deliver on an aggressive timetable. Over a six month period, they delivered hundreds of qualified applicants which resulted in over seventy five hires. These were seasoned executive consultative sales-types that were well versed in business process re-engineering and solution selling with base salaries in the six figure range. At the time, GE used over 200 employment agencies and search firms. When we analyzed the vendor results, SB SOLUTIONS was at the top of the list with the number two vendor far behind. I have used SB SOLUTIONS in my last 3 companies (GE, Internet Backbone/ASP & current Materials Co.). They are highly professional and cost effective. They have always delivered what they promise. What is unique is their ability to understand both the customer and applicant's needs. They will try to make the best match and will sacrifice a fee rather than make a placement that is not right for the client or the applicant. They work tirelessly to get the right fit. Results: Exceptional. Quality, Cost and Timing! We use SB SOLUTIONS as our primary recruitment agency across our $1.6B national business. Regards, David ﷯ --- Shelly K. – HR Director, International Medical Device Company I cannot recall how we came to know SB SOLUTIONS, but SB SOLUTIONS has been truly an extension of our management team for several years! We routinely partner with SB SOLUTIONS on 99% of our sales and sales management openings. What differentiates SB SOLUTIONS, they take the time to really learn what our company is about, especially in terms of our culture. It’s easy to recruit for the right skills, but SBS identifies candidates who have the right skill sets and competencies and the potential for a good cultural fit. SB SOLUTIONS represents us well and we are proud to have SBS represent our interests. Because each hiring opportunity is unique, we collaborate extensively on each recruiting effort. Originally SB SOLUTIONS assisted us in filling sales representative positions; however, we have begun to collaborate with SB SOLUTIONS to fill sales management opportunities as well. And we have been successful! Regards, Shelly K. - VP HR --- Executive Jonathan I. – former VP / President Assisted Living We used SB SOLUTIONS’s services for over ten years, both when I was VP of Operations and as President of my own group. SB SOLUTIONS provided Executive Directors for our facilities throughout Southern CA. Our large communities ranged from private pay to a mix of private/SSI and Steven was able to find excellent Directors to fit our needs. He was able to identify individuals who were able to strike a balance between the business needs of the communities and those able to deliver the highest level of care for our residents. I would strongly recommend SB SOLUTIONS as a good resource for management talent and I wish SB SOLUTIONS the best moving forward. Regards, Jonathan I. --- George L. – President / CEO Global Electronics / Equipment Manufacturer …I found SB SOLUTIONS while searching the Internet 8 years ago and sent an email inquiry. Within a few minutes Steve Beck telephoned, we talked for almost an hour, and we've worked with SBS ever since. We've done multiple searches with SBS since 2001. We admire Steve's ability to understand our needs and to communicate effectively with us as well as with job candidates. Steve quickly learned how best to deal with me and each of my other managers involved with his searches. On one search, he insisted we reject our candidate of choice when a reference didn't correlate exactly with his resume. I admire that sort of honesty and adherence to principles. We've placed numerous productive people (one as far away as Germany), and when the occasional hire failed, SB SOLUTIONS worked with us on a replacement search. We’ve recommended his firm to others and we've budgeted two new additions in 2009 and plan to use SB SOLUTIONS on both of them. George L. --- Sales Management Jerry F. – Regional Director / Medical Capital Equipment Our Human Resources Department referred SB SOLUTIONS to me. I have used SB SOLUTIONS exclusively for the last nine years. SB SOLUTIONS takes the time to learn and understand your business, your company and what your personal needs are to fill the position. Because they do this, the candidates are truly qualified to meet the business needs, the company needs and my personal needs for the position. After working with them exclusively for the last nine years and I would not do this if the results were not there. Because they take the time to learn your business, you can just tell them you have an opening and forget about it. They do the rest and it’s usually a ‘pick one candidate’ because all the candidates that they present are qualified. I have plans to continue our nine year relationship and I have referred them to other departments within my company and to other companies within the industry. SB SOLUTIONS is a very professional and ethical company. They set high standards for themselves. And perform to those high standards. Steve placed our Rookie of the Year and I was Region of the Year. In addition, they are fun to work with. Regards, Jerry F. --- Susan H. – Regional Sales Manager Critical Care Equipment SB SOLUTIONS Candidate & Hiring Manager I originally connected with SB SOLUTIONS via networking while seeking new opportunities. I have a unique perspective as I’ve worked with SB SOLUTIONS both as a candidate and as a hiring manager. I’ve hired at least five people from SB SOLUTIONS (Sales and Clinical Applications Specialists). As a SB SOLUTIONS candidate: I liked your personal & professional coaching/support prior to interview. Honest, direct and useful feedback. Your creative ideas of how to highlight my strengths helped me, “… nail the final interview.” As a Hiring Manager: Detailed rep profile sheet (highlights/summary outlined nicely), quality of candidates were superb, SB SOLUTIONS screens each candidate based on my requested needs and type of person. When I requested a "tiger" or "meat eater" you gave me one...several, actually. Your follow up was impeccable, speedy, detailed & professional. You provided me with 4 reps - all great hires and top sales performers. SB SOLUTIONS helped me build the team that doubled our quota in 2007. Quota of $5M and the team you brought me closed $10M and we had fun doing it. Quality people personally and professionally. You helped me get my RSM job and it is a perfect fit for me. I have had tremendous success and love my job and the company. I could not be happier. I have referred you to everyone I know and my colleagues have had great success with you. Regional Sales Manager Critical Care Equipment --- Jeff D. - Regional Director, World Leading Medical Equipment Mfr. SB SOLUTIONS was initially recommended to me by an Associate of mine. Since then, I have utilized SB SOLUTIONS for several key hires. The result being a highly focused, direct approach search which resulted in strong hires. A clearly positive experience - direct, honest and strong communication which resulted in excellent hires. Candid communication as time is a priority and the hiring of the correct team members is priority # 1. Strong customer focus! Excellent results-SB SOLUTIONS on each occasion provided me with a number of highly qualified candidates which I was able to select from for excellent hires w/minimal downtime. Quality, quality and quality! I have referred them to others with a tremendous seal of approval from my desk! SB SOLUTIONS did not swamp me w/candidates. Rather what was presented was the outcome of a highly organized, strategic search which allowed me an excellent selection to hire from. No BS, just the objectives of what I requested was delivered. The results - excellent hires clearly speak to the efforts put forth by SB SOLUTIONS. --- Jim G., Owner, J. Gifford Inc., NPA Colleague Gary served with me as a Board Member for NPA - The World Wide Recruiting Network for four years. His passion and enthusiasm for his profession was reflected in his Board work at NPA and his work at Beck Eastwood. Gary was quite instrumental in guiding NPA to the development of a Five Year Business Plan that had been missing prior to his involvement on the Board. That Business Plan, which continues to be periodically updated, has become an integral part of the organization and blueprint for its on-going success. March 24, 2009 --- Tom M., VP, Sales / Marketing, National Consumer Product Warranty Service I highly recommend Gary, both as a Professional and as a friend. Gary exhibits the highest degree of personal integrity in all of his endeavors and professional acumen is second to none. I have worked with Gary both as a candidate and a client and have found him to exceed my expectations in every way. --- SB SOLUTIONS Candidates Robert M. - IT Manager, Financial Services Gary: I have been working with SB SOLUTIONS for approximately 2 months and working with them has been a great experience. Compared to other search firms, SB SOLUTIONS was extremely professional, responsive, and they demonstrated a high level of professionalism. I was contacted frequently with new information and status updates which made the process of looking for a new job much more relaxing than what I was accustomed to. Further, I have never worked with an agency that put so much emphasis on preparation for the interview process. Gary called me frequently prior to each interview to ensure I was prepared which was extremely helpful. The ultimate result was fantastic. SB SOLUTIONS found me a terrific new job with a great company. I was seeking new opportunities for growth within my industry and SB SOLUTIONS delivered. This is especialy noteworthy considering the current economic climate. Because of the outstanding professionalism they've demonstrated, the next time I have opening to fill within my department, the first call I will make will be to SB SOLUTIONS. I have been an IT Manager for more than 10 years, and they are by far the best recruitment firm I have worked with. I look forward to doing additional business with them. --- George K. – Chief Information Officer, $ Billion Building Materials Firm SB SOLUTIONS Candidate and Hiring Executive I have been working with SB SOLUTIONS for about two years. SB SOLUTIONS was significantly more thorough than other firms that I had worked with during my search. Steve took the time to understand the responsibility of the role and did a great job of screening candidates. Because of the time and effort put into the screening and preparation, I was very well prepared for the interview process. This relationship has been a great success, both for myself and for the company I now work for. Steve, and SB SOLUTIONS, delivered on their promises. I couldn't be happier in the role and its positive impact on my career as CIO. I will absolutely utilize SB SOLUTIONS when my IT department has a need! From the experience I had as a candidate, I know that SB SOLUTIONS will do the job right. I can be sure that the candidates that I see will be well qualified and properly vetted. SB SOLUTIONS helped me find exactly the type of position I was looking for. SB SOLUTIONS takes the time to determine the proper fit for each candidate. I would highly recommend SB SOLUTIONS to anyone looking for a new position in the technology field. --- Steven K. – Medical Regional Director / Capital Equipment Steven: In my career in Medical I have had many recruiters call me 24 - 7 when I was the hire manager. When the game changes and I am trying to secure a position, many of them lose the ability to act professionally or simply don't return calls. I can assure you that when I secure my new position, you and I will become partners in staffing my needs. Your service to customers and candidates is simply one of the best levels that I have seen in my entire career. There is truly a difference between a "headhunter" and a Staffing Professional. I can serve up a list to you of all the Medical Recruiting Companies that simply throw paper at hiring managers, your organization is truly the exception. Thank you for making my day. It’s a pleasure to know that professionals exist in this tight market. When you drive home tonight, regardless of how your week turned out; I hope you hold your head a little higher knowing your professionalism is showing!!! Thank you. Steven K. – Regional Director --- Linda B. – Regional Sales Manager / Medical Capital Equipment SB SOLUTIONS Candidate & Future Hiring Manager I’ve known SB SOLUTIONS and Steve for about six months. I think Steve is one of the better recruiters I’ve worked with. He gave me excellent support and was able to detail the company’s hiring process very well. He helped me negotiate a good package and I have recommended him to others. I will utilize SB SOLUTIONS when I have a need. --- Sandy R. – Account Specialist, Medical Capital Equipment Sales (Sr. Rep with over 10 years' experience) My initial conversation with Steven Beck was in February of 2008. Even though I recall telling him I was happily employed, our conversation created enough interest for me to continue our discussion. My initial perception was one of a very good sales representative promoting his objective, not too pushy, but certain that what he had to offer was something that I should take a serious look at. As we progressed in the interview process, Steve became more of a coach, helping me focus on my strengths and how these could benefit the company, thus strengthening my interview skills. Through the entire process, SB SOLUTIONS stayed in frequent contact by emails or phone conversations weekly to keep me up to date and bring me through the process. When the written offer was delivered, there was minimal need for further discussion. Steve had communicated my needs back to the employer before the offer was made, leaving no need for counter negotiations. I do not think I could have asked for better support or representation than I received from SB SOLUTIONS. The results have been excellent and Steve was right, I am with a group that I can continue to grow with instead of being just another spoke in a large wheel. If I move into a management role, I would use SB SOLUTIONS. They take the time to interview the candidate before they present them to the hiring company. This would save the employer both time and money from wasted interviews or short term hires that fail from lack of commitment, experience or desire. I have come to know several employees who were also placed by SB SOLUTIONS. No one that I have met has yet to make a negative comment. One final note, now that Steve has placed me, I hope to not have need of his direct assistance again. But if it becomes necessary, I will certainly seek out his counsel. Best regards, Sandy