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Since 1985, SB Solutions Inc. has provided highly focused search services throughout a variety of functional roles and industries, ranging from Healthcare - Life Science / MedTech / Pharma / Biotech to Market Research / AI to material sciences,  building materials and food processing.  From the C-suite to VP's of Sales to Supply Chain / Procurement, Operations / EHS roles and everything in between, the SBS process continues to evolve, utilizing the best tools available and our unwavering commitment to your company’s or to your career growth!

SBS has had major success in Sales, Business Development, as well as in Sales Management recruitment. However, business continues to move forward. As it does, SBS continues to evolve. Current projects are diverse and range from Customer Experience Consulting to Food Processing to Healthcare / Life Sciences and Construction / Building Materials search. 

What SBS clients are saying about us...

David G. – VP Human Resources, $1.6B International Building Materials Conglomerate

I’ve used SB SOLUTIONS in my last 3 companies (GE, Internet Backbone/ASP & most recently a $1.6B Global Materials Co.). They are highly professional and cost effective. They have always delivered what they promise.

I began my relationship with SB SOLUTIONS when I was the Employment Manager for GE Information Services / GXS, one of twelve business units of GE. We had the awesome challenge of reinventing our worldwide sales force (over 200 positions). We needed an executive talent acquisition firm that understood our technology / consulting business, had access to the appropriate labor pool and could deliver on an aggressive timetable. Over a six month period, they delivered hundreds of qualified applicants which resulted in over seventy five hires. These were seasoned executive consultative sales-types that were well versed in business process re-engineering and solution selling with base salaries in the six figure range.

At the time, GE used over 200 employment agencies / search firms. When we analyzed the vendor results, SB SOLUTIONS was at the top of the list with the number two vendor far behind.

What is unique is their ability to understand both the customer and candidate's needs. They will try to make the best match and will sacrifice a fee rather than make a placement that is not right for the client or the applicant. They work tirelessly to get the right fit.

Results: Exceptional. Quality, Cost and Timing!

We use SB SOLUTIONS as our primary recruitment agency across our $1.6B national business.



Shelly K. – VP of HR, International Medical Equipment / Device / Software Company

We’ve routinely partnered with SB SOLUTIONS on 99% of our sales and sales management openings.

What differentiates SB SOLUTIONS, they take the time to really learn what our company is about, especially in terms of our culture. It’s easy to recruit for the right skills, but SBS identifies candidates who have the right skill sets and competencies and the potential for a good cultural fit.  They’ve placed many long term career hires with us.

SBS represents us well and we are proud to have them represent our interests. Because each hiring opportunity is unique, we collaborate extensively on each recruiting effort whether in sales or management level roles.


Shelly K. - VP HR


George L. – President / CEO

Global Electronics / Equipment Manufacturer

…I found SB SOLUTIONS while searching online for national sales recruiters and sent an email inquiry. Within a few minutes Steve Beck responded, we talked for almost an hour, and we've worked with SBS ever since. We've done multiple searches with SBS and he helped us staff our US field sales organization.

We admire Steve's ability to understand our needs and to communicate effectively with us as well as with job candidates. Steve quickly learned how best to deal with me and each of my other managers involved with his searches. On one search, he insisted we reject our candidate of choice when a reference didn't correlate exactly with his resume. I admire that sort of honesty and adherence to principles.

They've placed numerous productive people for us nationally (one as a Country Manager in Germany and another in Mexico / LTAM).

We’ve highly recommended his firm to others.

George L.

Sales Management

Jerry F. – Regional Director / Medical Capital Equipment

Our Human Resources Department referred SB SOLUTIONS to me. I’d used SB SOLUTIONS exclusively for many years.

SB SOLUTIONS takes the time to learn and understand your business, your company and what your personal needs are to fill the position. Because they do this, the candidates are truly qualified to meet the business needs, the company needs and my personal needs for the position.

After working with them exclusively for nearly ten years and I would not do this if the results were not there. Because they take the time to learn your business, you can just tell them you have an opening and forget about it. They do the rest and it’s usually a ‘pick one candidate’ because all the candidates that they present are qualified.

I’ve referred them to other departments / divisions within my company and to other companies within our industry.

SBS is a very professional and ethical company. They set high standards for themselves and perform to those high standards. Steve’s placed numerous Rookie’s of the Year and helped me win Region of the Year.

In addition, they are fun to work with.


Jerry F.

Susan H. – Regional Sales Manager / Critical Care Equipment

SB SOLUTIONS Candidate & Hiring Manager

I originally connected with SB SOLUTIONS via networking while seeking new opportunities.

I have a unique perspective as I’ve worked with SB SOLUTIONS both as a candidate and as a hiring manager. I’ve hired at least five people from SB SOLUTIONS (Sales and Clinical Applications Specialists).

As a SB SOLUTIONS candidate: I liked your personal & professional coaching / support prior to interview. Honest, direct and useful feedback. Your creative ideas of how to highlight my strengths helped me, “… nail the final interview.”

As a Hiring Manager: They provide a very detailed candidate profile briefing in addition to their resume (highlights/summary outlined nicely), quality of candidates were superb, SB SOLUTIONS screens each candidate based on my requested needs and type of person. When I requested a "tiger" or "meat eater" they gave me one...several, actually. Their follow up was impeccable, speedy, detailed & professional.

Steve provided me with 4 reps - all great hires and top sales performers. They helped me build the team that 2X our quota (Quota of $5M and the team you brought me closed $10M) and we had fun doing it. Quality people personally and professionally.

You helped me get my RSM job and it is a perfect fit for me. I’ve had tremendous success and love my job and the company. I could not be happier.

I have referred you to everyone I know and my colleagues have had great success with you as well.

Regional Sales Manager Critical Care Equipment

Jeff D. – VP Corporate Accounts, World Leading Medical Equipment Mfr.

SB SOLUTIONS was initially recommended to me by an Associate of mine. Since then, I have utilized SB SOLUTIONS for several key hires. The result being a highly focused, direct approach search which resulted in strong hires.

A clearly positive experience - direct, honest and strong communication which resulted in excellent hires. Candid communication as time is a priority and the hiring of the correct team members is priority # 1. Strong customer focus!

Excellent results-SB SOLUTIONS on each occasion provided me with a number of highly qualified candidates which I was able to select from for excellent hires w/minimal downtime. Quality, quality and quality! I have referred them to others with a tremendous seal of approval from my desk!

SB SOLUTIONS did not swamp me w/candidates. Rather what was presented was the outcome of a highly organized, strategic search which allowed me an excellent slate to hire from. No BS, just the objectives of what I requested was delivered. The results - excellent hires clearly speak to the efforts put forth by SBS.


Jonathan I. – former VP / President Assisted Living

We used SB SOLUTIONS’s services for over ten years, both when I was VP of Operations and as President of my own group.  SB SOLUTIONS provided Executive Directors for our facilities throughout Southern CA.  Our large communities ranged from private pay to a mix of private/SSI and Steven was able to find excellent Directors to fit our needs.  He was able to identify individuals who were able to strike a balance between the business needs of the communities and those able to deliver the highest level of care for our residents.

I would strongly recommend SB SOLUTIONS as a good resource for management talent and I wish SB SOLUTIONS the best moving forward.


Jonathan I.

Business is moving at break neck speed... 

Can your team keep up?

The talent gap is growing as more Boomers retire and the sheer number of college graduates is not keeping pace. Mature businesses, in particular feel the talent drain and often have to struggle to keep pace with hiring trends and the best, most qualified talent.

SBS focuses heavily on messaging to set a positive tone, throughout the search / offer / acceptance and on boarding process, to ensure the highest degree of success in placing the right talent in the right departments and companies.



SBS does extensive background research after engaging with a new client on a search project. We not only research our client’s information, but we also do a thorough search of known competitors to get a better understanding of the competitive landscape and who the true leaders are.



SBS utilizes a variety of software tools / contact databases and Boolean search strings to geo-target prospects in addition to LinkedIN Recruiter to help build our candidate long lists. Also, as members of NPAworldwide, SBS has access to thousands of our recruiting partners’ already vetted candidates. SBS tries NOT to find candidates requiring relocation as that complicates matters and is expensive for our clients.

7X Multi-Touch Contact / Messaging

Since no two searches or companies are alike, we spend significant time developing and editing the right compelling messaging to attract our prospects.

We establish messaging campaigns with a mix of automation to enhance connections and to improve response rates.  

What is 7X? Our campaigns enlist a variety of contact methods from LinkedIn connection requests to inMail, voice mail, email, text and social media.  We make every effort to reach our highest priority targets through a series of messages (7 to be exact).  On average, most sales people give up after two attempts to reach a prospect.  We’ve found that consistent multi-touch communication enables us to reach our targets more effectively.  Hence, our 7X approach.

Creative Thinking


As Mike Tyson so eloquently stated: ‘Everybody’s got a plan until they get punched in the mouth!’  Do you pivot if an approach isn’t working?  We do.  We think about a client’s business process.  In addition to their current industry, what other businesses have a similar process?  We think about the supply chain.  In sales, people buy based on what you know and WHO you know.  What other products / services does our Client’s customer buy?

A Mix of ‘Art & Science’

At SBS, recruiting is an Art, as much as technology or science.  Engagement with a prospect requires subtlety, nuance, being a good listener and employing excellent anticipation.  We apply both Art and Science to our business.  The candidate journey evolves from passive disinterest early in our messaging to our initial phone conversation building intrigue and often resulting in the candidate updating their resume.  Working closely with our client hiring team and our candidates enables us to deliver exceptional, on-target, high potential talent in challenging / candidate-lean markets.

We’d like to discuss your critical needs to determine if you’re a good candidate for SBS’s Deep Dive Search and to demonstrate how we can solve your most pressing talent issues.

takes a


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